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Sheet /Plate Modified Masterbatch


Item :Irregular particles

Appearance : Uniform particles, colour and lustre is consistent

Melt Index : ≥5.0g/l0min


Talc content: 75-85%

Storage and transportation : Seal, cool, dry, away from direct sunlight.

Ratio method:

According to the quality requirements of the customer's own film products.This material and raw material resin, can be used by uniform mixing.


Sheet / plate modified filler masterbatch is based on PE, PP, ABS, PS as the base material, plus a variety of high quality calcium carbonate powder and chemical additives, with the use of imported equipment,it has advantages of high filling, superior processing performance, nice color, luster; Good compatibility with the matrix resin and it can significantly improve the processing performance, and can greatly reduce the cost of production. It is an ideal multifunctional modified masterbatch. It can be used for a variety of all kinds of plastic processing PP, PE, PS.^ABS, PA, etc., Max added ratio is 10-50% (depending on the product); some modified fillers can achieve a food grade.