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PE/PP Antistatic Masterbatch


Item :Cylindrical,diameter:3〜3.5mm; Length:3mm

Appearance : Milky— light yellow particles, color and luster

Melt Index : ≥2.0g/l0min

Heat resistance : ≥250°C

Surface resistance : 108 -1012Ω

Add ratio: 4%

Ratio method:

According to the specific requirements of customers in a certain proportion to the product of the resin products and raw materials can be used after mixing.


1) Polyolefin antistatic masterbatch is a series of products. It is a suitable for    different products of multiple models.Please note related conditions and requirements if it is used;

2) It is Non-toxic, colorless and permanent, it can be used in food packaging; As the product model and price are different, the scope of applications effect or appearance are also different.


PE/PP antistatic masterbatch is easily used with excellent stability performance, widely applying to antistatic plastic products, such as PE, PP blown molding, extrusion molding, injection molding.