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Non-Woven Modified Filler Masterbatch


Appearance : uniform particle

Density : 1.8g/cm3

Whiteness : 95〜98

Volatile matter :≤0.1%

Melt index : 30〜35g/10min

Moisture : ≤0.1%


1)The filler masterbatch has the advantages of nontoxic, good dispersion, high calcium mesh, wire constantly, no blocking spinnerets;

2)The filler masterbatch has good miscibility and a melt flow index of the matching「ate.The addition ratio is 5% 〜80%;

3)Decreasing machine wear, increasing the nonwoven fabric tensile strength and toughness,no effect of the surface gloss, excellent coloring property.

4)Reduce cost of raw material.


Non-woven modified filler masterbatch is a white micro-nano calcium carbonate masterbatch, using a special polypropy lene resin as the carrier, whose calcium carbonate mesh is based on the suer. It has good physical properties, dispersion stability, and doesn't affect machining precision of screw machine.