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Cast/Coating Modified Filler Masterbatch


Item :Irregular particles

Appearance : Uniform particles, colour and lustre is consistent

Melt Index: ≥5.0g/l0min

        Volatile : ≤0.1%

Calcium : 60-85%

Storage and transportation : Seal,cool, dry, away from direct sunlight.

Ratio method:

According to the quality requirements of the customer's own film products.This material and raw material resin, can be used by uniform mixing.


Cast / coating modified filler masterbatch is suitable for casting and coating process products, whose advantage is to reduce costs improve good economic benifits,increase the rigidity of products and the weight of products, reduce shrinkage and deformation caused by contraction of products,good dispersion: polyethylene, polypropylene, excellent compatibility with PE and PP, so even if we add good amount of fillers,it can have a good result of appearance.