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Searching for good carbon black supplier with good price?

HAOJIAN focuses on good carbon black manufacturing and selling more than 50 years experince, Our carbon black covers more than 10 series for different application, such as color master batch, ink, leather, painting, plastic products, rubber, textile etc.  You can get better quality carbon black for your business and save more money !

      NC Pre-dispersion Pigment Chips>>

For High Quality Gravure And Flexographic Inks As Well As For Paints And Cosmetics

     AC Pre-dispersion Pigment Chips>>

For advanced water based flexo, gravure and water based die stamping ink.

    CAB Pre-dispersion Pigment Chips>>

For automotive topcoats, wood finishes, fabric finishes, plastic finishes, Lacquers, polyolefin film, glass and printing inks.

Searching for good Mastebatch for plastic supplier with good price?