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Searching for good Pre-dispersion Pigment Chips supplier with good price?

we also have different specialized factories to produce Pre-dispersion Pigment Chip with good quality which is based on ISO9001, and with strict management measures, strong technical force, full testing equipments.

For High Quality Gravure And Flexographic Inks As Well As For Paints And Cosmetics

For advanced water based flexo, gravure and water based die stamping ink.

For automotive topcoats, wood finishes, fabric finishes, plastic finishes, Lacquers, polyolefin film, glass and printing inks.

Pre-dispersed pigment chips take the organic and inorganic pigments dispersed in various resin.lt is used in the manufacture of toppan, intaglio printing ink, paint, coating.

According to the different system, predispersion pigments in general can be between 50%-70%. Carrier resin content ratio is in 30% -50%. Predispersion pigment equated to the ink manufacturer according to the proportion with pigment and resin. It can be directly put into the ink formulation. Either press the paste requirements, dispersed into semi-finished products - paste. Then in the form of joining printing ink mixed crank out printing ink. Predispersion pigment can be used easily and conveniently.No abrasive characteristics, it can not only reduce the equipment investment greatly, but also produce high quality oil soluble and water soluble printing ink, paint. Processing of ink has excellent gloss, transparency, abrasion resistance.The customers can flexibly arrange order, and produce high quality ink, through the simple process to manufacture large quantities of high quality ink in a short period. The cost is nearly the same in using predispersion pigment to manufacture ink and traditional ink. But predispersion pigment ink quality is much better than traditional ink.

With the improvement of printing ink quality, predispersion pigment has become more and more popular.